I'm Dr Saad Attieh

Founder, AI Researcher and Software Developer

  I like to build things...

With AI

I have a PhD in Constraint Programming from the University of St Andrews, a field of AI that tackles complex optimisation problems in diverse areas, including vehicle routing, shift scheduling, resource allocation, project management, manufacturing, network design, supply chain management and more.

I am the developer and maintainer of the constraint local search solver ATHANOR, built during my PhD, to demonstrate My research on improving the performance and scalability of general purpose local search constraint solvers.

And now with GPT on the rise, I’m working on numerous projects to Tackle those problems that were previously beyond the reach of AI, human interaction, creativity and more.

Currently my professional time is split between building…

Fielder - A staffing and recruitment tool. Everything from payroll to auto-scheduling and staff management is centralised and free on our platform. All driven by AI.

SmartRev - A tool focused on improving efficiency in the sales process, using AI to nurture leads and automate the entire appointment setting business.

I am also available for more general AI consulting. If your business is struggling to properly implement AI then I’m your guy. I’ve worked with several large scale businesses on a contract basis to help them explore how AI can streamline their processes and improve efficiency. I’m always open to discussions around how AI can help any business, just Drop me a message.

Beyond the realm of All things software, I enjoy playing various instruments (with a particular fondness for the piano), I lift heavy things at the gym, and enjoy all things food (from cooking to dining).


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AI-powered staffing agency



Leveraging AI for more sales, higher profits and happier customers


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educational HISTORY

2016 – 2021

University Of St Andrews

PhD in Constraint Programming, Artificial Intelligence.

Automatically exploiting high-level problem structure in local-search

2012 – 2016

University Of St Andrews

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Degree classification: 1:1 .

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July 2015

Summer intern, Global Technology Infrastructure

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